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How to change the next job number

  • From the Tools menu choose Control Centre
  • Make sure Setup Wizard is ticked top left of the window
  • Choose New Jobs
  • Click Edit this Page
  • In the Start New Job group, change Next New Job Number
  • Click Next and then Close


If you have just trialled the system don't forget to clear the demo data first, as described in the Quick Start Guide. Basically you need to click 'Clear Demo Data' in the Introduction Page of the Setup Wizard. 

Setting the Next Job Number when you have existing jobs in the data
It's best to make sure no job numbers are within a reasonable range of the new number you are providing.

To see what your lowest or highest job numbers in use are:
Choose Jobs, then choose Search for JOBS ALL. Click Search.
Click the column header 'JOB' to sort by Job No 

What happens if there's a clash with an existing job?

LabManager is pretty clever and will not throw a wobbly. It will simply skip any numbers in use and reset the counter to the next available number. More precisely:

When automatically issuing job numbers, LabManager will always try to use the 'Next Job Number' from this counter.
If available it will be issued and the counter incremented.
If not available due to a clash with an existing job, LabManager will use the next free job no, and update the counter to that + 1.  

So for example, if your existing jobs range from 100,000 to 176,000 you could, in theory set the 'Next Job no' counter to 1. But bear in mind at some point they will catch up with 100,000 and then the counter will jump to 176,001 

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