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  1. Add a custom message to a report

  2. Add a new printer

  3. Add another LabManager PC on a network

  4. Add my company logo

  5. Backup on exit LabManager for desktops

  6. Best practice - Invoicing methods and unpaid invoices

  7. Can I use the 30 day trial to run my lab?

  8. Cannot copy and paste text into or out of LabManager on the Cloud

  9. Cannot see mapped network drives when backing up, importing or restoring

  10. Change fonts or colours used in LabManager

  11. Change the customer's invoice address on a job

  12. Change the Initial Search method in Search

  13. Clear main form automatically after bookout

  14. Cloud backups

  15. Configuring LabManager for "Centre for Dentistry" CSV invoicing

  16. Configuring LabManager for Mydentist/IDH invoicing

  17. Configuring the Emailer

  18. Customer discounts

  19. Do I need an accounts package?

  20. Edit or delete an invoiced job

  21. Email myself first with copies in first run

  22. Emails are not sending

  23. Export to bookkeeper's accounts program

  24. Get the latest LabManager updates

  25. Group Reporting

  26. How can I delete a payment previously entered?

  27. How do I book in a job with a custom job number

  28. How do I credit a 3rd party 'principal account' with discount

  29. How do I transfer a credit balance from an account to pay off the balance from one of the other dentists within that practice?

  30. How do we know when an e-mail is successfully sent?

  31. How to access LabManager Cloud edition

  32. How to buy Transactor's LabManager

  33. How to change the next job number

  34. How to enter opening balances

  35. How to get fast technical support

  36. How to give discount on a practice invoice or statement

  37. How to send files and messages that the customer can view

  38. How to upgrade to the latest version and what will it cost?

  39. How to use the EDI Invoicer for invoicing Mydentist/IDH

  40. How to use the EDI Remitter for receiving payment from Mydentist/IDH

  41. I am buying a new PC - will it run LabManager?

  42. I cannot see the files and folders on my computer while using the Cloud edition

  43. I have an Apple Mac - Can I use Transactor's LabManager?

  44. I haven't received my email from Transactor Systems

  45. I want a different report

  46. I'd like a report to tell me "how much I've done last month"

  47. I've got an older version, can I install the latest trial?

  48. Importing data from versions 6 or 7 into the latest version

  49. Invite practices and dentists to use LabManager

  50. Managing your debtors (customer balances)

  51. Merge a collection of Statements or Invoices into one for emailing as one file

  52. On booking out, print only documents required by that customer

  53. On the dentist's profile there is an Order Discount. Would this be used if the dentist is on a private list but receives prices at a discount?

  54. Print statements only for those who owe money

  55. Printing Patient Statements

  56. Product codes and price bands

  57. Record payment receipts from a Principal Account

  58. Remove printed date and time from a report

  59. Restore from a backup on LabManager for desktops

  60. Run a backup on LabManager for desktops

  61. Search for a job by reference

  62. Send emails to multiple email addresses at the same practice?

  63. Set a permanent price for a product

  64. Speed entry of lineitems using defaults

  65. System Requirements

  66. Taking a screenshot and annotating it

  67. The use of monthly summary invoices - save on printing and time

  68. Transfer information from other software

  69. Un-attended backups for LabManager for desktops

  70. Use your own headed paper

  71. Using LabManager on a tablet or touch screen PC

  72. Using LabManager to run multiple companies

  73. Using the 'Include Later Payments' report parameter in aged reports

  74. What is Transactor Systems LabManager?

  75. What's my best option if I have a separate accounts program

  76. What's the latest version and how to get it

  77. Working with Credit Notes

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