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Edit or delete an invoiced job

You want to change or delete a booked out completed job but the Edit menu is greyed out.

The short answer is you need to retreive the job onto the Main Form then choose 'VOID Invoice or Credit Note' from the Action Menu

In LabManager, the methodology for cancelling an existing invoice follows standard accounting practice. An invoice is a legal document and subject to audit tracking. LabManager helps to conform to the regulations by keeping track of the VOIDED transaction.  If you have already posted the invoice to your customer, you may consider raising a Credit Note instead. (Action menu > New Credit Note).

To edit or delete a job that has been Booked Out Completed:

  1. Retrieve the job onto the Main Form.
  2. Check that the Job State on the Main Form is 'Booked out completed' 
  3. From the Action menu, choose 'Void Invoice /Credit Note'


After voiding, the job is in the 'On Hold' state and displayed on the Main Form.

This job can now be modified (Action menu > Edit Job) then Booked In, Out or Completed and (re)invoiced. It could also be deleted.

After re-invoicing, the invoice number will be new but the job number will still be the same as previously.

Following standard accounting practice the original invoice remains in the Transaction list as VOID. An audit trail (File menu > System History > Search:Transactions) will show auditors the reason for the use of an INVOICE number. This list can be printed from the Options button. This list is also available for individual customers (Customer menu > History > Search:Transaction List).

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