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Email myself first with copies in first run

With any report or document you can choose a SEND TO of your email address, or any other 3rd party email address which has been configured in the Control Centre.

To set up your own email address in the SEND TO list

Within the Control Centre, on the left, choose SEND TO'S

On the right, first check your email isn't already set up. If it's not, then continue...

Choose the green Add new icon.

Set the following:

  • Name: Your "Send to" name (This will appear in the send to selection list) eg. Email to My Lab
  • Type: Email address 3rd party
  • File path or 3rd party Email addr: Your email address eg.
  • File Type: PDF
  • Subject: Document Delivery
  • Text Message: Please see attached..
  • HTML Message: leave blank

Click OK.

Try printing a document or report, and choose SEND TO Email MyLab

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