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Un-attended backups for LabManager for desktops

This information is only for the desktop edition of LabManager.
The Cloud editions of LabManager are automatically backed up every evening, and a rolling 7 days of backups are kept.

If you have LabManager for Windows desktop installed on a single PC:

Un-attended backups are not recommended for these setups because the operator must check that all LabManager windows are closed. That is why with single PC (ie. 'Local') LabManager, it fits in well with the "Backup on Exit" feature.

If you have LabManager for Windows desktops installed on a network, you can use attended and unattended backups

The attended and unattended backup for networked versions has to be done on the Server only.

For attended backups use the LabManager Backup shortcut which should be on the server's desktop, or in the LabManager folder in the server's Windows Start Menu.

The multi-user backup is robust and doesn't mind if other users are still using LabManager. However, as a general rule it's still better to have a procedure to close LabManager on all terminals. Nothing should stop you from doing a backup a few times during the day from the server without needing to log others out. 

The multi-user Backup utility also has the advantage that it can configure a Windows Scheduler task to do un-attended backups in the background. A manager's dream for peace of mind.

To configure an un-attended scheduled backup:

Requires LabManager 8.2 or later.

Open the LabManager Backup utility.
Click the scheduling button at the top right.
Choose the frequency, and start date and time.
When you close the form, you will be asked to enter your Windows username and password. This is so a Windows scheduled task can be configured to run even when no users are logged on to the PC.

How to check the backups are happening:

Look in your backup folder and check the creation date of the files in there, as well as the file names, as these include the date and time the backup file was created.

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