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Add my company logo

You can add your own company logo, or clear an existing logo using the instructions below:

  • Go into the Control Centre using the cog icon on the toolbar, or from the Tools menu
  • Ensure you are in the Setup Wizard pages by clicking on Setup Wizard at the top left
  • Click on the Images page
  • Double-left click on the "Company logo" line in the list
  • To add your own image: Click on the "Get Image" button
  • To remove the image: Click the button "Set to blank image"

If you wish to add your own logo you will need to browse to your image file, and select it, then click the Open button. 

If you click OK on the Image Edit window, and Close the Control Centre, you can test sending your reports to the preview window to see how the logo looks.

If your logo is too large or too small you will need to resize it using an image manipulation program such as Microsoft Paint, which is included with Windows, or Paint.NET is good and free.

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