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I cannot see the files and folders on my computer while using the Cloud edition

We recommend using the remote desktop connect application in order to access LabManager on the cloud. This application allows for secure access to the files on your computer.

It is also possible to access LabManager on the Cloud via a web browser, but this method can restrict access to the files and folders, and possibly printers, on your computer.

Using the Remote Desktop Connect application:

Unable to see drives and folders on Microsoft Windows

  • The RDP setting at the top of the Remote Desktop Connect application needs to be ON
  • While using a file requester, you should be able to access your drives using the drive links named like "C on MYDESKTOPPC" etc.
  • We would advise creating Quick Access links to your favourite folders. You can right-click a folder and pin to Quick Access.
  • It's also possible to refer to locations on your computer with this syntax: \\tsclient\c which will open the C drive on the computer. So, to create a link to C:\Transactor\Files, use \\tsclient\c\transactor\files
  • You can also direct to mapped drives in this way (eg: \\tsclient\z)

Sharing a folder on an Apple Mac

With an Apple Mac, you must specify a single folder to share between your Mac and LabManager. This is a restriction of the Microsoft Remote Desktop software which is required for accessing the application.

  • Open the Microsoft Remote Desktop app on your Mac
  • Use menu Microsoft Remote Desktop > Preferences > General
  • At the bottom of that page you can specify a path to share
  • You will need to restart the Remote Desktop Connect application before you will see your shared folder in the file dialog

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