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Invite practices and dentists to use LabManager

Transactor LabManager (cloud version) gives dental labs and (optionally) practices, dentists, groups, as well as trusted partners secure access to LabManager anywhere at any time.

Hosting LabManager in the cloud provides secure access via any device with an internet connection – from anywhere in the world. Our team manages software updates and daily backups for you. Another useful feature of Transactor LabManager (cloud version), is the support team can have direct access to help out with queries, advice and assistance if requested. Don’t know how you ended up with an account £1000 in credit? No problem, the support team can check it out with you, and if it needs an adjustment they can do it “while you watch”.

Bringing LabManager online opens up the opportunity for your lab to optionally grant secure access to both your customers: dentists and practices, other labs and also other trusted third-parties. By allowing customers secure access they can view their own jobs to check on their progress, add attachments, send messages to the lab etc. They can also submit new jobs for the lab to review before accepting or adjusting. Any communication from one side is instantly shown on the other side via a notification counter and window.

With the full transcript of any messaging and attachments shown underneath every job, Transactor LabManager (cloud version) enables prescriptions to evolve over the entire manufacturing process.

Please see details of this feature in the help documentation here

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