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Add a custom message to a report

You can add your own custom text to many reports. You can do this by following these steps:

  • Open the Control Centre by using the Tools menu or the cog icon on the toolbar
  • Click on "Advanced" at the top left
  • Click on "Reports" in the vertical menu on the left side
  • In the list of reports that's shown, find the report you wish to add your message to and double click it
  • You will see a list of instructions that control how the report works. Look through this list until you find a row containing the text "Custom Message" in the second column. It's usually near the bottom of the list
  • Double click on Custom Message
  • Enter your message in the large white box
  • Ensure there is a tick mark in the "Active" box at the top of the window, or your message will not be used
  • Click OK to save your message
  • Click OK to close the report editor

Repeat the above process for each report you wish to add a message to.

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