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Using LabManager on a tablet or touch screen PC

LabManager on the cloud can be accessed on any device that can run a web browser, so it's possible to access it from your tablet.

Although access from your touch device is possible, LabManager is designed as a Windows application, and has not been optimised for touch, but you can set your Look & Feel to "Touch Tablet" to change the interface into a more touch-friendly configuration.

Although the 'Touch Tablet' theme does make LabManager easier for touch screen use, if your tablet is going to be used for intensive entry of job information then consider also getting a compatible keyboard or a low-cost laptop instead. There are some operations which may be faster using a separate keyboard rather than the tablet/touch screen's pop up screen keyboard.

  • From the Tools menu choose My Preferences
  • In the Look & Feel box, choose 'Touch Tablet'.

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