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Change fonts or colours used in LabManager

There's a number of pre-defined profiles you can use which will change the overall look of LabManager, or you can customise/create or copy your own profile with your own preferred colours and fonts.

Use a pre-defined "Look & Feel" profile

On the Main Form, choose Preferences from the Tools menu. This screen will let you choose various settings that will only affect the user you are currently logged in as.

At the top right of the page you will see a "Look & Feel" box - click this and select one of the pre-defined profiles to use. If you're happy with your selection, click the OK button to save your changes.

Create or customise your own profile

You will need to do this from the Control Centre, so go ahead and open this from the Tools menu or by using the icon on the toolbar.

Once in the Control Centre, you will need to move to the Advanced page by clicking this at the top left. If you cannot see a link to the "Advanced" page then your user profile does not have sufficient rights to do this and you will need to have a user with Manager permissions log in to LabManager.

Once on the Advanced page, click on "Look & Feel" on the left-hand vertical menu

From here you can either double click on an existing profile to edit it, or click the green plus symbol to create a new profile, or use the white "pages" icon to copy the currently selected profile to a new profile.

Once you've customised a profile you can ensure the currently logged in user is using it, by following the instructions above (Use a pre-defined "Look & Feel" profile)

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