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Restore from a backup on LabManager for desktops

This information is only for the desktop edition of LabManager.
The Cloud editions of LabManager are automatically backed up every evening, and a rolling 7 days of backups are kept.
If you are using a cloud edition of LabManager, and need to restore back to one of the past 7 days, please contact us.

You'll need to ensure LabManager is closed before you restore from your backup file.

You should only restore from a backup file that was created with the same version of LabManager that you are trying to restore into!

To run a restore in LabManager for Windows desktops:
From your Windows Start Menu, choose LabManager > Restore LabManager

  • Click the Restore button
  • Browse to your LabManager backup file, select it and click Open
  • Confirm you wish to perform a restore

The restore process can automatically make a backup of your current LabManager data, and save this in the same folder as the backup file you selected.

Once the Restore program has appeared, you can use the question-mark icon in the corner of it to view further help on restoring.

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