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Set a permanent price for a product

In the Product properties setup, simply assign a 'permanent' price for each price band (ie. price list) you want.

You can optionally provide a Cost price, if you want to compare your sales against your costs within LabManager. 

The following boxes can be ignored (left blank) unless of course you want these to be pre-selected for you each time this product is added to a job.
  • Only specify a Technician/Team if the same technician/team will normally be assigned to this job.
  • You can ignore work time units unless you wish to take notice of these when you print out Technician Output reports


When you are adding the product to a job, simply choose a quantity and then click Ok.

If you have selected a dentist onto your Main Form first, then the dentist's default Price Band will already be on the Main Form.

If you are happy to accept the defaults, and not worry about assigning a different technician, you can also use the Speed Entry method to add a product item to a job:

1. In the Code column, type the Product Code followed by a comma and quantity...

eg.   TC,2

2. Press Return

There you are, you have added Qty 2 of Temporary Crown, for the default price band, in just a few seconds...

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