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Change the customer's invoice address on a job

To keep the dentist on the job, but to set an invoice address which is different to the practice:

If the job is still in Edit mode, simply click the Customer's Address or choose Customer menu > Edit

If the job is not in Edit mode, (and not yet Booked Out Completed), simply edit the job then click the Customer Address to refresh it, or choose Customer menu > Clear from Form, then re-select the customer. Then use Customer menu > Edit.

Change the "Customer Address" for however you need it to show on the invoice.

If the job is Booked Out Completed, it will have an invoice number and is protected. You may void the invoice then refresh the customer. 

1. From the Action Menu, choose VOID invoice or Credit Note 
2. Choose Action > Edit (F4) 
3. On the Main Form, in the Customer box, click the Customer's Address, then OK 
4. Make any changes to the "Customer Address" box
5. Book the job out again

Tip: Pay attention to the Tax Date if you want to back-date the Invoice when you book it out.

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